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[Guide] Vampire Castle

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[Guide] Vampire Castle

Post by Worstday on Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:54 pm

1. To go to Veracent, use the Dimension Mirror. From the town map go to the portal in the middle that has a little piggy above it. Talk to the NPC to start the quest chain.

2. "Amanda's Request 1"

Go to the map on the left and gather 20 apples and 20 grapes. They both drop from the Dark Red Porkies (lvl 66)

Reward: ?

3. "Amanda's Request 2"

Go to the second map on the left and gather 20 corns from the Dark Dead Scarecrows (lvl 77) and 30 Carrots from the Dark Crimson Trees (lvl 70)

Reward: 36 150 exp

4. "Amanda's Request 3"

Go to the map on the right and get 10 red bows by killing the Dark Tree Rods (lvl 72) and the Dark Mossy Snails (lvl 71)

Reward: 42 165 exp

5. "Amanda's Request 4"

Go to the map with the scarecrows again. In the bottom left there's a portal on the well. In that map look for the little brown rock that looks like a pile of poo and use regular attack on it until it breaks. It should drop the pendant

Reward: 42 165 exp

When you turn the quest in some shizzle gets down and your lovely NPC get abducted by a vampire. After watching the short and deeply profound animation go back to the main town map and speak to Sonia to start the next quest.

6. "Sonia's request 1"

Keep going right until you reach Vampire Castle: Outer Curtain Wall. Keep "destroying" those big stone pillars until you get 10 Traces of Villagers

Reward: 42 165 exp

7. "An Old Story"

Go back to the same map and kill Dark Prison Guard Boars until you get 40 Hero's Dolls. Return the dolls to the NPC called "Courage Statue" located in Garden 3 (you get there from Outer Curtain Wall 2)

Reward: 42 165 exp

8. "Statue of the Courageous One"

Just talk to the statue.

Reward: 12 650 exp

9. "Courageous One's First Test"

Kill 100 Dark Bastille Guardians and 100 Dark Soaring Black Wyverns

Reward: 42 165 exp

10. "Courageous One's Second Test"

Kill Dark Mini Castle Golems (lvl 79) or Dark Grey Vultures (lvl 80) and bring back 50 Monster Residues
Reward: 42 165 exp

11. "Courageous One's Last Test"

Go to Vampire Castle: Inner Castle Gate and then go to Entrance 2 (top portal). Do the (relatively easy) jump quest there and on to the next map. Break the pillars there until you find 5 Traces of Courage

Reward: 66 513 exp and Courageous One 1 Title DON'T FUCKING DROP IT.

12. "An Old Story 2"

Collect 50 Sage Dolls from Dark Gey Vultures and bring them to the NPC Wisdom Statue located in Garden 3 (entrance through Castle Gate)

Reward: 51 654 exp

13. "Statue of the Wise one"

Talk to the statue

Reward: 15 497 exp

14. "The Wise one's First Test"

Activate the "Courageous One" title that I told you not to drop and smash the rocks around the Wisdom Statue. Gather 15 Shiny Crystals

Reward: 51 654 exp

15. "Wise One's Second Test"

From the map with the NPC go to the top portal and kill 100 Dark Officer Skeletons and 100 Dark Commander Skeletons

Reward: 51 654 exp

16. "Wise One's Last Test"

Go to Inner Castle Gate and then the portal on the left. It will take you to the top of the previous map, otherwise unaccessible. These little erm...stone box? thingies will appear. Hit them until they drop 15 Star Shards

Reward: 73 654 exp + "Wise One" title DON'T DROP IT

17. "Infiltrating the Inside of the Castle"

Talk to Sonia again. While still wearing the Courageous title break the huge golden plates in Inner Castle Gate and gather 20 Traces of Villagers 2

Reward: 63 278 exp

18. "Discovery of the Underground Prison"

Go right all the way until you reach Vampire Castle 1F: Lobby
Break the gargoyle statues until you collect 10 Traces of Underground Prison and go to the previous map to return the quest in your thought bubble.

Reward: 72 447 exp

19. "Imprisoned GM"

Go back inside the dungeon. Go left to Vampire Castle F1: Main Hall, then take the portal on the bottom right -> Underground Prison Entrance B1 -> Underground Prison Entrace -> portal on the far left and talk to the NPC to start the quest. Go to Main Hall and kill Dark Buffies until you find 20 Office Bags

Reward: 77 518 exp

20. "Let's Help the GM Escape"

Find 1 Underground Prison B1 Cell 1 Key by killing Dark Chronos

Reward: 77 518 exp

21. "Imprisoned Peter"

Go to the next cell and talk to the NPC to start the quest. Kill 100 Dark Black Mage Skelegons and 100 Dark Wolf Underlings (don't listen to what the NPC says he doesnt know what he's saying lol). There's more of them located in Cell 4 (portal through the tombstone in the far right of Underground Prison Entrance). Note that if you're not wearing The Courageous One title you can't hit the monsters and you only get hit by the booby traps. To kill the monsters you need to wear the title! Oh and I have some sort of DCing problem in that map, I'd like to know if everyone has that?

Reward: 88 751 exp

22. "Let's Help Peter Escape"

Find 1 Underground Prison B1 Cell 2 Key by breaking the old brown pots around the hidden map with wolves/skeles. The ones in the main map don't work.

Reward: 88 751 exp

23. "Fire Fairy Summoner Gilbert"

Go to the next cell and talk to Gilbert to start the quest. From Underground Prison Entrance go to the portal on the far left. Break the treasure chests and collect 20 Rare Treasures

Reward: 102 546 exp

24. "Let's Help Gilbert Escape!"

Find Underground Prison B1 Cell3 Key by breaking the brown pots again

Reward: 102 546 exp

25. "Amanda's Whereabouts"

Go back to Main Hall and this time take the portal on the upper right. Go all the way right until you reach the Storage. Kill Retz and collect 30 Solid Metal Pieces

Reward: 117 405 exp

26. "Solid Metal Analysis"

Talk to Gilbert

Reward: 43 148 exp

27. "Fire Fairy"

Talk to Gilbert again

Reward: 43 148 exp; 1000 Small Flames and Fire Fairy

28. "Measuring the Power of Fire Fairy"

Open your skill book, you should have a skill called Fire Fairy. Using it once will cause a little sprite to appear next to you, using it multiple times while the sprite is active makes you shoot fireballs. Every time you shoot a fireball, you lose 1 Small Flame (etc item). Go around the Verecent map and shoot fireballs at the big purple vine statue things. Collect 30 Solid Residues.

Reward: 143 826 exp

29. "To Underground Prison B2"

Go back to the storage and get a good supply of Mouse Transformations and Cheese slices. Every time you click on a Mouse Transform, you use up a cheese slice and turn into a mouse for a set amount of time. While you're a mouse you can go inside of mouse holes!

30. "Cassandra's Ball"

In Underground Prison B2 Cell 1 you will find pedestals with purple crystal balls on them. Break them and gather 30 Cassandra's Crystal Balls.
Next up you need to find Underground Prison B2 Cell 1 Key. It's located inside a pot in the very top right corner of Underground Prison B2 Cell 1

Reward: 143 826 exp

31. "Let's Help Cassandra Escape"

Kill 150 Dark Nightshadows and 150 Dark Bearwolves

Reward: 164 666 exp

32. "Gaga's Glasses"

Move to the next cell and talk to Gaga to start the quest.
You need to obtain Underground Prison B2 Cell 2 Key by killing Dark Nightshadows.

On the far right of the main prison B2 map there's a hidden portal on the tombstone above the actual portal. Go inside and go up. You can find Gaga's Glasses by killing Dark Phantom Watches.
So far I haven't figured out how to actually get up there unless you're a Demon Slayer/Mech/Mercedes or something... working on that >_>

33. "Let's Help Gaga Escape"

Go back to the hidden room and use the Fire Fairy to break purple vines. Collect 40 Happy Seeds

Reward: 188 526 exp

34. "Samuel Wants Cheese"

Go to the next cell and talk to Samuel to start the quest. Bring him 50 Cheese Slices (they drop from most monsters, by now you should have a good amount of them)

Reward: 188 526 exp

35. "Let's Help Samuel Escape"

Go back to Main Hall and take the upper right portal. Go to Bleak Hallway and kill Dark Oberon or Dark Nightghosts to obtain 30 Transformation Actives. Underground Prison B2 Cell 3 key is in the brown pots in the same map

Reward: 188 526 exp

36. "Fire Spirit"

1st Hope Ember -> Go to the top of the Jump Quest (from Inner Castle 2 -> Entrance2 and so forth) and break the purple statue thing
3rd Hope Ember -> Go to Inner Castle Gate all the way to the right of the map and break the purple statue
4th Hope Ember -> Go to Main Hall -> right top portal -> portal in the middle of the map (Audience Chamber) and break the purple statue on the far right
2nd Hope Ember -> Go to Underground Prison B1 Entrance and kill Dark Black Mage Skelegons until you find it (temporary solution to bug)

Reward: 271 723 exp and Fire Spirit (skill)

theres more but too lazy...
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Re: [Guide] Vampire Castle

Post by MRmarco on Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:16 pm

We have this guide already on forum!



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Re: [Guide] Vampire Castle

Post by Worstday on Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:00 pm

Didnt know



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